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Hi, I'm Courtney.

I’m a freelance content writer and strategist. I help B2B brands and B2C service providers tell impactful stories that resonate with customers.

About Courtney Withrow

I moved to Brussels, Belgium to get an MA in International Relations and work in European politics. And as soon as I finished my degree, I realized I wanted to write, not go into politics. So I started freelancing as a content writer and digital copywriter.

Fast forward four years and I’ve learned A LOT about marketing, content, branding, social media, and of course, writing. I’ve been writing blog posts, ebooks, and social media copy for SaaS companies, website copy for law firms — and I’ve even prepared content strategy plans for clients’ YouTube channels and link building campaigns.

I like writing long-form content like ebooks or heavy-duty blog posts because I get to tell a story. They allow me to interview a customer or subject matter expert and find what truly connects them to the brand I’m writing for. But writing punchy social media copy and engaging with a brand’s community is in my wheelhouse too.

When I’m not working on content, I’m doing embroidery or reading a good book (I love fantasy novels).

Let's work together.

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