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About Courtney Withrow

Originally from the U.S., I’m a Brussels-based freelance writer with a Master’s degree in International Relations. Before living in Belgium, I worked as a teaching assistant in a secondary school in France. I’ve traveled throughout Europe and lived in three different francophone countries in the span of four years. Although I can speak and write in both English and French, all of my content is in English.

Since 2019, I’ve been collaborating with content marketing clients to create blogs, website copy, articles, emails, press releases, landing pages, and social media copy. I love writing about travel, culture, and language in my free time, but I specialize in legal, marketing, and tech content for my clients.

My biggest assets to my writing are my analytical research skills. I love taking the complex and making it concise, especially when creating blogs and web content for attorneys and law firms. Thanks to my well-rounded experiences and exceptional eye for detail, I can also write authoritative content in a variety of fields.

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What's so great about my content?

I have lightning-fast turnaround times, while still producing high-quality content.

I can bring your unique brand voice to life. Your loose jumble of ideas becomes concise, killer copy in my hands.

I have experience writing guest blog posts and website content for several clients in various fields.

My content is thoroughly researched, always backed up by facts with sources included.

My content always puts your audience front and center, solving their problems or answering their questions.

My content is optimized for search engines, proven to help boost your keyword ranking.

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