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Headshot of Courtney Withrow

Courtney Withrow

Content Marketer & Writer

Are you having a content crisis? You’re in the right place. Hi 👋 I’m Courtney, and I’m going to solve your content problems. I can write (better) words for your website, create content that excites your audience, and develop a rock-solid content plan for your website and socials.

Why me?

Well-written content is hard to find. Reliable, research-backed, and professional content is even rarer. Work with me and you get results-driven content, delivered on time and optimized for your target audience.

Hand me your content crisis and I’ll hand you back a solution.

What My Clients Have to Say

Courtney was one of a small team of writers I managed for a digital agency. In the short time we worked together I came to appreciate her thoughtfulness, skill, and attention to detail. Courtney was the person we tapped when we created new offerings in social media and YouTube, and she quickly developed a strategy and a system that, blessedly, required little oversite from me as a supervisor. Courtney was also the one who would find typos or oddities on existing client webpages and articles. Or she would go research a question before coming to me so she could offer possible solutions. She understood the end goal and wanted to contribute. In other words, working with Courtney felt more like partnering than managing. She’s competent, thoughtful, and a generally good person.

 Brad Fruhauff, Content Analyst at GlobalLogic, Ghostwriter, Editor

Courtney is an extremely detail-oriented, creative, and reliable marketing professional who excels in writing and thinking outside the box. As her manager, I found her enjoyable to work with and her contributions to brainstorming sessions incredibly valuable. She not only delivered content that was almost always client-ready, but she also took direction extremely well and understood the nuances of subtle voice/tone changes that differ from client to client. Her expertise ranges from creative to B2B to B2C across a variety of industries. I highly recommend Courtney and any team would be lucky to have her.

Jacqueline Herrera, Director of Communications, Marketing, and Engagement at Caminar Latino-Lations United for Peace & Equity

I had the pleasure of working with Courtney when I was VP of Marketing at Restream. She’s a talented and professional content writer, willing to roll up her sleeves to tackle all sorts of editorial challenges — from writing ebooks to managing our organic social content. Courtney is great!!!!

Rita Cidre, Head of Academy at Semrush

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Courtney on many writing projects, from sophisticated legal blogs to compelling marketing pieces. She is excellent at what she does. She has a keen ear for tone/style; she’s fearless about tackling practically any project we have; and she’s fun and easy to work with. I’d recommend her without hesitation to anyone who needs a smart, reliable writer with a strong voice.

Adam Kosloff, Founder & CEO at Virtuoso Content

Alex Bybyk, SEO Strategist & Consultant at Restream

If you are in the market for a professional content writer who consistently delivers early on deadlines, has excellent communication abilities, and, most importantly, can write stellar pieces that replicate the exact voice and tone you’re after, look no further than Courtney. Her SEO optimized content is second to none. I have been lucky enough to have Courtney’s expertise on numerous articles across multiple companies and she always bring the same passion and professionalism to every project.

Michael Rogers, Founder & CEO at SeamsUp Baseball & Softball App

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